Coach That Cleans

Branding Design

Coach That Cleans is a Cairns contractor providing air conditioning cleaning and maintenance. The director, Danza is also the owner (and previous client) of ours, running Coach Danza Personal Training and eFit gym.

A ‘clean’ is a full-body powerlifting exercise, involving the movement of a loaded barbell from the knees to the shoulders. Once of Danza’s favourites, and the inspo behind the business name.

Danza approached Focus’d Media Studios with a pretty detailed sketch of his concept. We drew it up and printed a stack of appointment cards for him.

Coach That Cleans logo
Coach that Cleans Business Cards

Coach That Cleans provide affordable air conditioning cleaning and maintenance to split system and box-style air conditioners, improving efficiency and improving health conditions in your home. An absolute essential for summer in Far North Queensland. 

Book your air conditioning service with Coach That Cleans.

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