I started Focus’d Media Studios in 2019 after working for several small businesses over a 13 year period.

What I found common was that small businesses often lacked a clear marketing strategy and rarely had the time or resources to showcase their completed work.

I’d sit in meetings where “doing marketing” was on the agenda, but in small business, it’s the first thing to be overlooked when things get busy.

As this idea started to develop, I realised this to be a very common challenge for many small businesses.

While the market was saturated with website developers, there were very few providing the ‘complete package’ and meeting the needs of small businesses.

Focus’d Media Studios provide a complete marketing strategy, from website development and copywriting, to branding and graphics, visual storytelling through photography and videography, and social media management.

Mark Bufi
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Our aim is to provide you with a one-stop marketing shop, as if you had your own little marketing department.

This is what sets us apart from our competitors.