I started Focus’d Media Studios in 2019, after working for several small businesses over a 13 year period.

What I found in common, was that all of these businesses lacked a marketing strategy and rarely showcased their completed work.

We would have regular meetings where “doing marketing” was on the agenda, but overlooked when things got busy.

I realised this was common among many small businesses, so I started Focus’d Media Studios.

Mark Bufi

During the challenges that COVID-19 presented in 2020, I helped many businesses that formerly relied on face-to-face marketing, adapt to reaching their audiences in an online format.

My focus is to provide a holistic approach to the promotion of businesses across a range of platforms. My skills are based on modern digital strategy, appropriate to the tools we have available to us in business marketing today.

I am fortunate enough to continue to support all of my clients in an ongoing role, from social media management to email marketing campaigns and everything in between.