Forget those $60-$100 website themes or monthly subscription drag-and-drop page builders. If your website doesn’t have these qualities, all your effort (and money) goes down the drain.

But don’t fret! These qualities are doable and easy to apply even if your website is already up and running. One way is just a matter of seconds to do. So, strap yourself and discover the top nine qualities of a good website.

9 Qualities a “Good” Website Must Have!

You can choose from pre-made templates or go for website builders. But, a good website is more than just aesthetics! Whatever route you choose (or already have chosen), make sure that your website has these nine qualities: 

1. Aligns with Intent

Before digging deep, let’s start with the basics – determining the intent of your website. Is it for sales? Is it for leads? After-sales support? It should translate to the overall design of the website.

Now, let’s say you have an eCommerce dropshipping store. You’ll need a storefront and not a blog website. Take a look at big-name brands like Nike and Adidas. Their websites are aligned with their intention, which is to make $$$.


2. Puts User Experience First

It’s easy to get sucked in the expansive and confusing world of website design. There are just so many options – and all are equally beautiful! The downside? Putting too much attention to the “aesthetics” can leave visitors out in the cold. But why should you pay attention to this?

Well, for starters, a well-designed, intentional, and seamless user experience (UX) can raise your conversion rates to 400% (
So, don’t make it difficult for your potential customers to navigate your website! Make it simple and straightforward. Start by fixing the menu bar on your website. Is everything organized and categorized? You can also add a search bar to make the entire process easy for your visitors.

3. Gives Love to Mobile and Tablet Users

How many times have you closed a website because you can’t view it properly on your phone? Probably too many times. Now imagine if potential customers access your website and it’s not displaying correctly on their phones or tablets. Guess what will happen? Yup, they’ll exit too (2).

“Users are five times more likely to abandon the task they are trying to complete if the site isn’t optimized for mobile use.“  – Search Engine Watch

A good website understands that not everybody is on their computer or laptop 24/7. So, instead of leaving mobile and tablet users, they’ve integrated a “responsive” website design. What it does is it will correctly display your website across different screen devices.

4. Uses Language, Tone, And Style Fit For Their Audience

All the beautiful visuals on your website won’t matter if your content is trash. Always use persuasive language and style that align with your customer’s expectations. What do we mean by this?

For instance, you’re a clothing website, and your target customers are teenagers and young adults. You’re not going to use a formal and professional tone with your product descriptions. You need something fun and exciting to win them.

Don’t forget to include all the valuable information about your company and your contact details. The last thing you’d want is a potential customer interested in your services but can’t reach you.

5. Recognizes Visual Hierarchy And Follows Branding

The more the images, the better, right? Well, not necessarily. Visuals are effective in converting visitors to customers – provided that you use them strategically. Use attention-grabbing pictures in order of importance. And, don’t forget large picture files and visuals can slow down your website!

Every time you use a text, font, or picture, make sure that these elements align with your company’s branding. By doing so, you’re building brand awareness and credibility with your target audience.

6. Regularly Conducts “Marie Kondo” Website Decluttering

Just because you’re website is already live, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t conduct regular “spring cleaning.” Do you have 404s? Have you redirected some pages? Make sure everything is clean and organized. Keep pages or posts that, according to Marie Kondo, “sparks joy” to you and your readers.

7. Ready To Dominate Google SERP

So, you have a compelling copy, on-brand visual elements, and user-friendly navigation. That’s great, but is your website ready for Google?

It’s a common misconception, especially for beginners, to think that once they’ve clicked the “live” button, business will come rushing through the (virtual) doors. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. 

You’ll have to submit your website to Google for indexing. “Okay, already done that, but why it’s not ranking?” When it comes to dominating Google SERP, you’ll have to adhere to Google’s guidelines and conduct Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Remember, there are millions of websites wanting that first page too. 

8. Has Tight, Iron-Clad Security Measures

Heard of hackers? They steal sensitive customer information. Save yourself from an expensive date breach and invest in an SSL certificate. You can also install WordPress security plugins for added protection.

9.  Integrates Social Media Sharing

Remember we told you about one easy way that takes seconds to do? Well, this is it. Adding social media buttons can expand your reach and the best part? It’s passive traffic, which means you don’t have to do it daily or do any work, for that matter. 

It’s a convenient way for your loyal customers to share your content. Your blogpost gets shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites with just one click. Great, right?

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. Nine qualities of a good website. Does your website have these elements, or are they MIA?  Let us know in the comments section if we missed out anything. And, make sure to share it with your friends!